• Pursuing Perspective

    A Journey with the all-new Lexus NX F Sport

    In Collaboration with Creative Directors Justin Clark and Thien Lai

Many automobiles are taken for granted as vehicles that get you from Point A to Point B. Others, need to be experienced. When you’re in the mood to completely change your perspective, your travel experience must be all encompassing– from what you see, you feel, you hear, you taste.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was handed the keys to the Lexus NX F Sport– if anything, you expect a dressed up version of a compact SUV. But what you experience is best summarized as wild refinement. The orange hue stands out in the cityscape of Bellevue, Washington, but absolutely pops in the snowy landscape… and absolutely feels at home at the same time. What you feel when you shift into Sport mode is an eagerness to push the limits. What you hear as you press on the throttle is a bobcat springing for its prey, and what you taste after you’ve reached your destination is the rugged sophistication of a single-malt scotch that has matured in ex-bourbon casks for over a decade. Perspective changed. Mission accomplished.

The new Lexus NX F Sport in Molten Pearl needs to be driven. And it needs to escape the city… every once in a while. Make sure you click the video link to see the short film!

Produced and starring Nelson Yong, this short film was carefully helmed by creative directors Justin Clark and Thien Lai. Thank you to Lexus @lexususa and Stuart & Lau (@stuartandlau). [Please enjoy responsibly. Do not drink and drive.]