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Over the years, I’ve bought suits of all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. But there was once when I was just getting into the world of suits turanabol where I realized there’s all types of brands, from small custom boutiques to large global brands to your department stores… and it can be confusing if you’re just beginning. There’s so many men who 1) don’t wear a suit often enough to warrant more than one full set in their closet and 2) so many men who are afraid to spend that type of dollar amount especially if they’re just starting out.

I have a lot of suits now— some are custom, most are off the rack. However, when I saw that JCPenney was offering 50% off suiting during the Men’s Wardrobe Sale, I challenged myself to find quality pieces at appealing prices… which wasn’t much of a challenge at all. Whether it’s a blazer for every occasion or a full suit for a wedding, if you’re just getting into the suit game there’s some surprisingly good value to be found. I was able to find this blue and black combination from JCPenney in the Seattle area, and it came down to less than $300 for the entire outfit including shoes. Go visit their website or visit their store near you to check out the sale before it ends on March 24.
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Photos: @mallory.macdonald