I’ve had the privilege to stay at the CitizenM Times Square very recently, and their aesthetic, attention to detail and their level of service has won me over. That’s why I teamed up with CitizenM hotel to introduce dosage legal oxandrolone in usa is it the same for their newest New York City get roids Bowery location. Here,  CitizenM is paying tribute to the local citizens of Bowery, the oldest street in New York City, with a show stopping public gallery across the 22 stories of their building. Their light show earlier last week was incredible, but I’m most excited about their opening night festivities.

Once home to the Bowery Boys Gang in the 19th century (and where modern tattooing was born), the Bowery is now the gateway to the infamous Chinatown. For me, I’ve been involved in Chinatowns across LA and Seattle, so this is especially special for me. There’s something about spotlighting the citizens, the real people, from the street sweeper to the corporate exec, testosterone cypionate for sale usa that really doesn’t happen as much as it should. Props to CitizenM for this.

There’s one citizen of the Bowery area that is honored and highlighted by the murals that specifically caught my eye- Rollin Chan. As a fellow Asian American in the creative/graphic design industry, I really resonate with his love for the big city and for the burgeoning creative field fostered by the Lower East Side. He says that the Bowery mural carries a ton of cultural and artistic significance for the area, and I have to agree.

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