Seattle, by all accounts, is a city on the move. As someone born and raised in LA, where nature is that patch of greenery between the 405 and 10 overpasses, it’s easy to take for granted the incredible outdoor surroundings we have within a half hour drive from the city. But what if you’re in the city, and your friends want to get together after work and you’re tired of the all the normal happy hour activities?

Seattle happens to be a big happy hour city, it turns out. Seattleites, especially us young professionals, thrive on getting a good deal on bites and drinks while taking a break from our demanding work schedules. And with a burgeoning number of technology workers coming to the city to work for companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Expedia, or for companies that utilize technology in nearly every aspect of their business now like Nordstrom, Starbucks and Costco, they’re all looking for innovative ways to take a break between business meetings or writing lines of code.

One of the most prominent but still underutilized gems of Seattle is Lake Washington and the accompanying waterfronts; but more fun than just lounging for quick bite by the water is actually getting yourself out there and going boating. Working in partnership with Perry Ellis on finding the perfect boating outfit with their Spring and Linen Collection was completely seamless– their fit and quality give you the flexibility to look the part while giving you the durability (in style and in quality) to know your look will be timeless.

With the Springtime and Summertime around the corner, one of my favorite nautical and boating looks is pairing a clean white linen long sleeve button down shirt with navy shorts, with simple loafers that give me breathability and utility all at the same time. And while Seattle might be known for its rainy and gloomy days– when it’s summer, it easily gets to be a balmy 90+ degrees even on the water!

I’m originally from LA, and I don’t do hiking. But if you can tell me that I can get a breathtaking view of the Puget Sound within 15 minutes of Downtown Seattle, PLUS I don’t need to get dirt and mud all over me…. sign me up. Discovery Park is located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, and is the largest park in the city. Entry is free, and official hours are daily 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. It passes through both forest and open meadows, offers extensive views, good prospects for bird watchers, and can be hiked or jogged year-round.

My outfit of choice is liquid stanozolol as an achievable goal for any absolutely going to factor in something that looks and feels good– if I’m going for a jog in public, in nature no less… I better look good doing it. The Perry Ellis 360 Performance collection surprisingly had a number of items that both looked great and feel great while exercising in them. I’m not going to recommend running a marathon in them (like I would, anyway), but the active stretch shirt with the reflective print jacket all worked really well to keep me cool while working up a sweat. The active tech pants came in handy to keep me warm especially as nightfall came– and that was much appreciated.

Happy Hour, as much as I love my cocktails and finger foods, can be time for exploration and discovery– especially with friends. And when you’re eyes are glued to the screen as much as mine can be throughout the week— I challenge you to look past Yelp for the nearest bar and grab your friends and explore the conveniently located Great Outdoors.

Photos by @karadanielaphoto / Kara Daniela Photography