• Fury, Restrained.

    A Experience with the star of The Black Panther, the Lexus LC 500.

    In Collaboration with Captus, Justin Clark and Thien Lai.

Taking all the passion and fury of a racecar-bred V8 and combining it with the restraint of absolute quality, comfort, smoothness and the quintessential attention to detail that only the Japanese can produce, the Lexus LC 500 is a grand tourer that needs to be seen, and heard, to be believed.

The new Lexus LC 500, which is featured in the newest Marvel Studios blockbuster ‘The Black Panther’, (and nearly stole the show, by the way) is an incredibly refined and powerful grand tourer and sits on top of the Lexus line-up as their most exclusive vehicle.

And experiencing it– the smooth drive with its 10-speed gearbox; the incredibly melodious V8 trumpeting through its exhaust pipes as if it was tuned by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra; the striking lines that broke the necks of older men who have grown weary of the million 911s and Corvettes on the road– experiencing the LC was like tasting Japanese A5 Wagyu beef for the first time… there’s no going back.

Produced and starring Nelson Yong, this short film was carefully helmed by creative directors Justin Clark and Thien Lai. Thank you to Lexus @lexususa.