Scotch to me, is an experience you consume with all five senses. And good scotch is like an oasis in a desert: refreshing, stimulating, and elusive. An even better scotch is multidimensional, yet when asked why you want it, you often can’t put your finger on what that is. When you explore good food, good drinks… it ends up becoming more than a journey through taste– it’s through sights ans sounds as well. I’ve teamed up with Glenmoragie as they proviron for sale have put their historic scotches in an illustrative new light and shown this journey through three short films.
Glenmorangie has been renowned as an innovator for more than 170 years, marrying skill and dedication for wondrous results. Even so, they’ve leveraged incredibly technical skills via harnessing the scientific phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) to create three captivating visual and audio experiences, and in doing so, Glenmorangie attempts to depict the complex tastes of Glenmorangie Original, the elegant spice of Glenmorangie Lasanta and the rich sweetness of Glenmorangie Signet through sounds and imagery alone. 
ASMR refers to a tingling sensation moving methandienone for sale in usa briefly about the from the neck down the spine, which creates a feeling of relaxed concentration allowing viewers to perceive stimuli more acutely. The phenomenon is so novel, that the scientific community has only recently acknowledged its existence. Indeed, so little was understood about ASMR triggers and their effects and benefits that Glenmorangie decided to commission a ground-breaking study into ASMR to ensure it created the best possible online experience.

German artist Thomas Traum’s work takes the viewer on a literal, yet paradoxically, abstract journey through Glenmorangie’s origins, culminating in a depiction of Glenmorangie Original’s renowned complexity. The luscious depths of Glenmorangie Lasanta, which is extra-matured in sherry casks, emerge through Los Angeles-based Julie Weitz’s digital canvas of rich colours and flowing camera work. Meanwhile, Parisian Studio de Crécy, depicts the melting sweetness and explosive spice of Glenmorangie Signet, in a richly immersive experience, which aims to plunge viewers deep into the heart of matter.

Was the risks taken by Glenmorangie, a 170-year old scotch brand, worth it? See for yourself! Check out the link here and let me know what you think!